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Artist | Student | Varied
Hello There! I'm Kay! Thanks so much if you give me a chance and look at my art! :) It really means a lot! I have a few facts of myself to give to you guys who read, I'm more of an Artist with a sensitive heart and strong feelings. I also draw whatever I think people will enjoy the most on my DA, I draw a little bit of everything! :) I'd love to hear ideas if possible, Don't be shy! I don't bite!

-I do NOT take request, It would be friends only even if I could draw. (Sorry. :( )
-Don't be shy to ask me questions or give me suggestions. :)
-By the time I'm writing this, we're almost at 3,000 pageviews, WOAH! Thanks Guys!
-have a good time and don't take my art seriously, some of my art you even find a little funny! :)
-Check out the pages on the side there if you really want! They're some amazing artist! (Pst, Hey! If you really like Pokemon then NightTheGreninja would be great for you!)
-Lastly, just keep on trying and eventually you'll get it right! :)

(Another Small fact: EVERYTHING you see on this page is hand-made/drawn with a mouse.)


Heart Love This is my newest one, I love it so much and I'm also so proud of it Heart Love 
I was gonna try to do more realistic than now I realize that's far beyond my limit. XD
Pokemon Sun babehs
Greninja And Froakie my main babies Heart I messed up the coloring a bit. lol
~PROLOGUE~ Froakie hopped up onto May’s bed, looking through her window, staring directly at the Moon, watching it in all it’s glory, His eyes grew big and began to sparkle, “Kieeee...” He said relaxed, As it slowly turned to Midnight, He began to feel a bit change into his small body as a blue light absorbed him...

“Alright!” May cheered, “Great job Frogadier!!! I’m so proud of you!” Frogadier jumped down from the sky then turning to his trainer, “Frogga-dier?” May walked to Frogadier and keeled down, petting his nose. “I think that’s enough training for one morning, we can train later. Let’s go have a bit of Breakfast, Okay?” Frogadier nodded once to his trainer, “Frogadier!” May got up, beginning to run, Frogadier at her side as they both jumped onto the porch and went inside their house. May grabbed a Pokemon bowl and a plate for herself then put it on the table, then began making breakfast. Frogadier watched, helping his trainer with the eggs, he then looked at the eggs, then looked up to May, “Frog...A...dier?” He said in a sad tone, “Oh Frogadier... We have this talk all the time....” May looked down to Frogadier “You’re so special to me.. You didn’t know what to do back then... you were in pain and hurting to the point where you couldn’t get up...” She said with a soft sigh, “If you’re previous trainer doesn’t want you, It’s their loss, Am I right?” She smiled to Frogadier in a hoping way. Frogadier thought this through a minute then nodded briefly. “Frogadier.” May smiled more, “That’s what I like to hear! Plus, I see nothing wrong with you.. You’re such a great helper and learner!” Frogadier blushed, “Frogga...” May picked up the eggs then carried them to the table, beginning to drop them, they go from the pan to the plate, then walking back into the kitchen she put the pan down. “Frogadier, Can you get me the toast?” Frogadier nodded then walked to get the toast from the toaster, something went through his mind as he got there. “My Trainer is so nice to me.... and It’s easy to believe her.. Her smile is changing everything for me... There’s never been one time where she’s been angry with me...” The pop from the toaster distracted him from his thoughts and he grabbed the two pieces of toast and put them on a plate. “Frogga-dier?” He asked, “Sure!” May said happily. Frogadier grabbed the butter knife and began to smear butter on their toasts. “She just... Giggles... and always knows exactly how I feel... I-I... Couldn’t have even asked for such a such a understanding and beautiful Trainer...” He said, smiling outside his thoughts.

Awhile after breakfast... May and her Frogadier went for a walk around the city, May had stopped at a small poster attached to the board. “Oh Frogadier... I can’t wait to enter you into shows like these.. Such a big audience... It just would feel like a dream come true.” Frogadier looked at the poster and nooded. “Frogadier... Frogga?” May sighed, “You’re right, We could... but, We still have a lot to do.. I would perform on stage with you, for the people and their dreams. We will help them achieve it. Won’t we?” May turned to her Frogadier, “Dier!” He said smiling. May giggled, picking up her Frogadier and hugging him tightly in her arms. “Such love...” Frogadier thought, he bubbled up his frebbles to show how happy he was. “The next time you evolve we’ll get started right away! How does that sound?” Frogadier used his fingers and created a fist “Frogga!” May smiled excitedly “But for now... Let’s train, Not only to improve how you battle, but for the shows we’ll be doing once you evolve!” Frogadier cheered again “Dieeerrrrr!!!” May giggled a bit more as Frogadier thoughts came over him again, “Surprisingly... I’m actually looking forward to it...

The end... <3 Every time I write one of these it just breaks my heart even more <3 Now all I need to write now is Greninja..


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